Mountain resort

Paradise for Meetings & Events

Mountain resort

Only 35 kilometers from Barcelona, on a mild hill, at the feet of the Montserrat Mountain and surrounded by vineyards, there are 247 acres of the Montserrat Wine Resort.

It’s a place that offers a sensation of a peculiar natural environment; “unique place between heaven and earth where pleasure and enological tourism intertwine to provide our senses with unique experiences”. The setting up of the water collection and purification system, together with 24 sun collectors, is a big proof of the attention this company gives to the environment and sustainability and the importance of connecting with the nature in general. What used to be a farmhouse which was converted into a winery, is now a small hotel managed by a family, famous for it’s spectacular spa and a rich gastronomic offer.


Notably, this place is very suitable for corporate meetings and events. The resort has several meeting rooms with natural light that can hold up to 250 people. Needless to say, the logistics, infrastructure, technological conditions and the service are all of premium quality.

The resort is ideal for:

–       Corporate Meetings

–       Product launches

–       Adventure team building activities

–       Gastronomic activities

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This  “paradise” offers not only accommodation or meeting rooms, but also a variety of activities to make every stay more complete. The vineyard surroundings may be enjoyed on foot, on a horse, by bicycle or from the air, and there’s always a possibility of wine and ham tasting, collecting and trading grapes during the harvest, gin&tonic or whiskey tasting, visiting other winerias or cavas, museums, markets and main wine routes in Anoia and Alt Penedès, equestrian spectacles, and a must; the Montserrat monastery.

Among the different activities offered there is the gastronomic competition, which test the participants’ gastronomic skills and knowledge.    The group splits up into teams, which then compete to score points in a series of tests, while at the same time developing their senses – smell, taste, intuition – and their teamwork skills. Each team aims to score as many points as possible in the trials.

Some of the activities that can be provided are:

  • Intuition: wines
  • In search of the lost sense: Aromas
  • Taste recognition memory: Cheeses
  • Sense and Sensibility: Chocolates

Each test lasts a set time. The groups are given a training activity in the first session, and use the knowledge they gain to play and compete against their colleagues.  Teams need to coordinate to achieve their targets, optimize their resources and satisfy the final customer and their supervisors.

The entire afternoon is devoted to learning, tasting and taking part in workshops, all designed to break down barriers through learning and enjoyment.

So whether you are looking for a special event venue, business meetings, or treating your employees with a weekend of enjoying the art of living, Montserrat Wine Resort is a perfect place to do all this at its fullest potential. In case of any further information, feel free to contact us and we will gladly provide a break from the everyday rush in this paradise of nature.

The T-Made team