Sales workshop for your sales team

Transform your team into an unstoppable sales force by adapting to the changing digital world

  • This sales training program is not just a workshop or conference; it’s a total immersion in innovative and personalized techniques.
  • We will help you redesign your sales strategy to be as unique and effective as your team.
  • We’ll explore new prospecting tactics, building authentic relationships with customers, activating mental triggers, and advanced techniques for handling objections and closings.

“This program is designed to empower each team member with the necessary tools to excel in a constantly changing digital market”.

This program is specially designed and thought for advisors and commercial teams looking to not only improve but revolutionize their skills and strategies in the current digital environment.

It’s a program towards sales excellence, where each session is carefully crafted to unleash your team’s maximum potential.

Each session is designed to be a transformative experience combining theory with dynamic practices. We include interactive exercises like role-plays, simulations, and team-building activities.

These exercises are designed to practice sales principles in real situations, fostering meaningful and applicable learning. We focus on creating an environment where each participant can experience, learn and grow, taking their sales skills to a new level.

Expected Results

By the end of our workshop or conference, participants will experience a significant change in their sales skills.

With this program, your sales team will be able to face the challenges of the digital era and multiply their sales as our clients have already done (an average increase of 30%).

The Mentor

Hans Gysel is a sales expert with elite training and experience ranging from startups to multinational corporations. His practical and theoretical approach has revolutionized sales tactics and leadership in over 100 companies, and he has trained over 21,000 professionals globally. Hans not only teaches, but customizes strategies for each client, focusing on overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities for growth.

Chosen by business leaders as a mentor, Hans is recognized for his unique methodology that integrates theory and practice in a transformative approach. His work in Investment Banking and remarkable ability to multiply revenues reflect his deep understanding of the market and selling.

With Hans, companies find more than a speaker; they find a committed sales strategist and partner for success.

This experience will be included in a memorable full incentive trip in Barcelona. Contact us for more info: