Paella cookery course

A large part of the Spanish culture exists in its gastronomy…. In a “finca” near  Barcelona you can learn the steps in how to prepare and cook the most famous dish in Spain: the paella!

The Paella Cookery Course is a light-hearted and fun contest where participants get to learn to make their own paella out in the open air: an interesting alternative to the common barbecue!

The group will be divided into 2 teams of 10 people who will each be equipped with everything they will need to cook the paella and each team will be identified by different coloured scarves.

The teams will start at the same time and will be guided by one chef who will explain the preparation methods of the Paella. The teams will also have a copy of the recipe that details the ingredients used and in which order to use them.

At the end of the course, the chef and director of catering will taste each paella to determine the winner. This will be judged on the cooking process of each team and most importantly the taste of Paella. The winning team will receive a bottle of champagne and an optional a reward.

The group will then be free to enjoy their home-made paellas for lunch which will be accompanied with a salad, followed by dessert. Drinks are also included.

This is a fun and “tasty” Team building activity in a rustic Restaurant outside Barcelona.

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