Sales workshop for your sales team

Transform your team into an unstoppable sales force by adapting to the changing digital world

  • This sales training program is not just a workshop or conference; it’s a total immersion in innovative and personalized techniques.
  • We will help you redesign your sales strategy to be as unique and effective as your team.
  • We’ll explore new prospecting tactics, building authentic relationships with customers, activating mental triggers, and advanced techniques for handling objections and closings.

“This program is designed to empower each team member with the necessary tools to excel in a constantly changing digital market”.

This program is specially designed and thought for advisors and commercial teams looking to not only improve but revolutionize their skills and strategies in the current digital environment.

It’s a program towards sales excellence, where each session is carefully crafted to unleash your team’s maximum potential.

Each session is designed to be a transformative experience combining theory with dynamic practices. We include interactive exercises like role-plays, simulations, and team-building activities.

These exercises are designed to practice sales principles in real situations, fostering meaningful and applicable learning. We focus on creating an environment where each participant can experience, learn and grow, taking their sales skills to a new level.

Expected Results

By the end of our workshop or conference, participants will experience a significant change in their sales skills.

With this program, your sales team will be able to face the challenges of the digital era and multiply their sales as our clients have already done (an average increase of 30%).

The Mentor

Hans Gysel is a sales expert with elite training and experience ranging from startups to multinational corporations. His practical and theoretical approach has revolutionized sales tactics and leadership in over 100 companies, and he has trained over 21,000 professionals globally. Hans not only teaches, but customizes strategies for each client, focusing on overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities for growth.

Chosen by business leaders as a mentor, Hans is recognized for his unique methodology that integrates theory and practice in a transformative approach. His work in Investment Banking and remarkable ability to multiply revenues reflect his deep understanding of the market and selling.

With Hans, companies find more than a speaker; they find a committed sales strategist and partner for success.

This experience will be included in a memorable full incentive trip in Barcelona. Contact us for more info:

ESC : European Society of Cardiology in Barcelona

The dynamic 70th ESC congress is coming to Barcelona from Friday, 26 August to Monday, 29 August 2022 and will take place at Fira Barcelona, Gran Via.

What will be happening in the attractive city of Barcelona ? Access the very latest science and clinical updates, wherever you are through onsite and online events with healthcare professionals.

Series of events, conversations, networking, innovation presentation, with a comon mission : To reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.   

Meet the world leading experts in Barcelona and share the latests developments in cardiovascular medecine and patient cares. A memorable experience it has ever been before !

Thousands of clinicians, epidemiologists, trainees, scientists, policymakers and nurses will join this amazing events in Spain this summer.

T-Made events can provide several services during the Europen Society of Cardiology : transportation, hotel and restaurant bookings, private parties, cultural city tours, gala dinners and many more ! Do not hesitate to contact us 

2024 America’s cup sailing race goes to: Barcelona!

Barcelona will proudly be hosting the 37th America’s cup sailing race edition in 2024. The Catalan capital has been chosen over other competitors such as a Malaga and Cork.

The New Zealand team captain Grant Dalton, winners of the last race edition, said that “Barcelona will become the world sailing capital”. The “kiwi” team has won the two last sailing races, in 2017 in Bermudas and 2021 in Auckland.

The sailing course will be set in between the W hotel and the Olympic harbour, a total length of 2 miles. The investment for the event would be around 25 million euros coming from different institutions.

Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities in the world and will become the first city to hold the Olympic games (in 1992) and the America’s cup event. The city perfectly fits for this purpose thanks to all the top facilities and technical infrastructure already existing.

Barcelona is also set to host the 2030 Winter Olympics after Spain’s Catalonia and Aragon regions reached an agreement to work together in order to present a joint candidacy.

Professional events are back in Catalonia

Events, Congresses and conventions will be resumed without the need for authorization from PROCICAT (Catalonia’s civil protection plan), as established so far. It is still necessary though to have “a contingency plan and prevention of COVID19 in accordance with the planned measures in the sector plan”. This and other improvements have been announced by Alba Vergé, Minister of Health at a press conference.

Curfew and mobility restrictions are not gone in all regions. Despite considering that the curfew would be automatically eliminated throughout the country with the end of the state of alarm, some regions have asked the Supreme Court for their support to maintain this measure, and it has been approved in the Balearic Islands (11:00 p.m.) and the Valencian Community (00: 00h). No region maintains the closure of its entire territory, but there are mobility restrictions in small towns.

Each region has its own rules for events and the situation is very different. Given that in Spain there is no state plan for the return to events after the end of the state of alarm, as if it happens in countries like France where a special de-escalation plan for events divided into 4 phases has already begun on May 6, in Spain each region establishes the rules it considers.

The breaking news is that the events situation in Catalonia will get much better from May 24th and it is expected that this unblocking will spread throughout the rest of the country.

T-Made events published in Eventos Magazine

We are proud to be part of such an important MICE magazine. T-Made events has been published in Eventos Magazine as part of an article that talks about Catalonia as MICE destination and more specifically about Costa Brava and Garrotxa nature park .

We were pleased to hold an event in that region for Continental Brazil, an incentive program that included several experiencies such as GT driving experience with tweleve sports cars or balloon flight over volcanoes in Olot, among others.

Eventos magazine

Eventos magazine

eventos magazine





Tarragona Mediterranean Games 2018


In a few days the Mediterranean Games will take place in Tarragona, a port city located on the Costa Daurada by the Mediterranean Sea, 1 hour & 21 minutes driving from Barcelona. In Tarragona you can admire the vaults of the Roman circus and the charming alleys of the historic quarter. The city has a heritage of historic monuments and locations from Roman, medieval and modern eras. Tarragona reveals the essence of the Mediterranean.

Between June 22 and July 1, there will be 26 countries from three continents (19 from Europe, five from Africa and two from Asia) whose common denominator is to be coastal of the Mediterranean Sea.

These Games will house 33 different disciplines and 16 venues will be set up, most of them in Tarragona, although some disciplines will also be played in Barcelona.

Tarragona awaits the arrival of 4,000 athletes. In addition there will be present a thousand judges and representatives, thousand journalists and 3,500 volunteers that will put the Catalan city at the center of the world sports map. This multi-sport competition, which is part of the Olympic movement, with the recognition of the International Olympic Committee, is still a Second Division of the Olympic Games.

The program is limited to 33 disciplines, among which are some as unique and local as the sport of balls (bowls and petanque), or others that are not recognized as Olympic games, like water skiing or golf. On the other hand, there is a lack of traditional sports such as synchronized swimming, trampoline jumps, pentathlon or field hockey.

Athletes also see these Games as a test of demanding preparation for their individual goals, beyond the possibility of achieving a medal for their record. This thesis acquires force after the decision of the International Committee to modify part of the sports program of Tarragona 2018 for the fear that tests are disputed with a few athletes. The suppression affects nine of the 237 scheduled sports such as men’s 1,500 meters, ball sports, 125-kg wrestling, -49 kg boxing, Olympic Skeet shooting, -62 kg weightlifting and lightweight double scull rowing.

The list of cancelled tests does not imply elimination of any sport of the sports calendar, in fact that did occur in the previous edition to Mersin 2013, where the women’s basketball and the equestrian team were removed.

Ham tasting & Teambuilding activity


Have an amazing ham tasting experience in combination with a teambuilding and try the 10 different types of Iberian and Iberian acorn hams.

The activity will start with a short welcome drink (10 minutes) and the identification of the teams you will be divided in for the teambuilding.

Next there will be a theoretic part, an informative speech will tell you everything you need to know about the Iberian pork, the elaboration of the ham and the differences between their origins (20 minutes).

After the speech it’s finally time to taste some delicious ham. The hams will be tasted in the adequate order, as you will definitely appreciate the different qualities and textures of the hams, and their different flavours, depending on the procedure, breeding and feeding of the pork (25 minutes).

Now it’s time for the teambuilding activity (15 minutes). Details of the activity:

  • Teams of 4 up to a maximum of 6 participants.
  • After the speech and tasting, each team will be delivered the game dossier.
  • The dossier contains a chart with the name, origin and part of each ham and each team has to figure out the 5 hams that are being blind tasted: their origin and whether it comes from the leg or the shoulder blade.
  • Each member of the team will taste one slice of each ham and they will have to discuss with their team the precedence of it.
  • Once the chart is completed, the team will deliver it to the jury.
  • The results will be checked and announced during dinner or lunch time.
  • Each member of the winning team will get a prize of 100 gr of Iberian ham + a certificate as a Master Ham-Taster.

After the teambuilding you will have an appetizing dinner or lunch (1 hour).The menu:

  • Large selection of cheese
  • Selection the acorn fed Iberian tenderloin
  • Acorn fed Iberian “morcon” loin
  • Duck foie-grass
  • Spanish omelet with onion
  • Ciabatta bread with rubbed tomato
  • As well as all this menu, you can eat an unlimited amount of ham slices of your choice among the ones offered in the tasting
  • Deserts and coffees
  • Red wine (Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Penedès or Priorato)
  • Soft drinks and mineral water

Finally the results of the teambuilding activity will be checked and announced during dinner or lunch time. Each member of the winning team will get a prize of 100 gr of Iberian ham + a certificate as a Master Ham-Taster.


Contact us if you have a group interested in this unique activity, or for a full Incentive program.




Barcelona business tourism beat the record in 2017

In 2017 Barcelona has made history in business tourism, the Catalan capital hosted a total of 2134 business meetings that represented an increase of 8.1% compared to the previous year. A record driven by the technology companies, which represent the conventions, and the medical and pharmaceutical events, which represent more than half of the congresses held last year in the city. It’s estimated that the local economic impact was 1,851 million euros, 21,1% more than the previous year, and the highest number since 2001.

The meetings that take place in Barcelona are mainly from large companies such as Cisco, HP or Microsoft that is following in the footsteps of the Mobile World Congress.

Of the 2134 meetings that were registered in 2017, a total of 561 were congresses and 1573 conventions. Within the first group are the Mobile or the Smart City Expo, although the medical, sanitary and pharmaceutical congresses accounted for more than 50% of what was calculated.

Barcelona has already outdone itself, in fact, in the fall of 2019, the Gran Via site will host the ultimate medical congress: the European Oncology. Until last year, it was held in Madrid and which provides for the assistance of more than 25,000 professionals.

Sailing and winery visit


This is a possible activity that you can choose to be included in your Incentive program.

A sea route with endless possibilities opens up before you! Sail to Masnou, leaving Barcelona’s incredible skyline behind, and discover the beaches at Maresme. Let us take you to the wineries, where a sommelier will accompany us on a journey into the vineyards, their wines and aromas. Finally, enjoy delicious Mediterranean gastronomy in an experience sure to delight all your senses.

We set out from Barcelona aboard a Golet, which is a Turkish wooden boat with two masts, formerly of pine, that were used to transport cargo and fishing along the southern coast of Turkey. Afterwards we will  sail to the port town of Masnou. During the journey, we’ll be able to enjoy the city’s skyline, which we gradually leave behind to discover the endless Maresme beaches.


Boat     Live Music

Appetizers     Boat


On the boat the group can enjoy various activities, such as:

  • Tasting delicious dishes from the catering
  • Private golf lessons: this involves using golf balls that are composed of ecological substances, as soon as they end up in the water they dissolve.
  • Playing Poker or Black Jack: we provide the tables and the necessary equipment.
  • Listening to beautiful live music: artists that will blow your mind with a private concert using a saxophone and/or guitar.


Catering        Black Jack

Golf        Live Music



On arrival to Masnou Port, we’ll head straight for a local, family-run winery. A sommelier will show us around this organic vineyard, which looks out onto the Mediterranean, and reveal the secrets of this unique wine-making location.




We’ll taste and learn about their wines, and we can even enrich the experience with a light meal, pairing Mediterranean tapas with the vineyard’s finest organic offerings.

Contact us if you have a group interested in this unique activity, or for a full Incentive program.



New cooking workshop space in Barcelona

This is a multifunctional Gastronomic space designed, prepared and adapted for cooking courses and workshops; it is the perfect location for gastronomic team building activity.



The talented chefs will bring out your own inner chef while you enjoy and learn all the necessary techniques in the practical courses. All the ingredients that are used are fresh and high quality products of the Boqueria market.




Take part in one of the many practical courses, for example:

  • Healthcare workshop, with lots of flavors, aromas and spring colors.
  • Vegetarian cuisine fusion workshop, Indian-Thai-Mediterranean.
  • Molecular kitchen workshop

 The place can also be used for having meeting in the morning, since the space also has screen and a projector, followed by a delicious cooking workshop. After the cooking class the group will eat their own culinary creations. (Non-limited wine included in the menus).



This amazing venue is located in the center of Barcelona and features the latest new technologies. The space has a size of 200m2, what makes it absolutely perfect for corporate groups.

The space is very private and sociable and will certainly contribute to making your experience unique.

Please contact us if you have any group interested in a gastronomic team building activity.