Sample activities

Sailing regatta

This event gives the participants the chance to taste the yachting lifestyle and bring a unique experience to your team building activity. A great way to develop relations and reward employees while having some fun in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ipad puzzle

Ipad puzzle

IPad puzzle, a cultural team building activity which combines a gymkhana with a treasure hunt, transforms Barcelona’s gothic quarter into an enthralling game board full of puzzles, clues and challenges; an active and entertaining way to get to know Barcelona, its history and culture, including a gastronomic visit to the central Boquería Market.

Gastronomic Gymkhana

A game designed to challenge the participants’ culinary skills while they get to know the city through its people and food. Divided into small groups they will have to answer some tests and questions in order to become real Spanish food experts!.

Masterchef Challenge

Masterchef Challenge

The Masterchef challenge is a fun hands-on workshop to build your team. This activity is designed to be shared as a team; it combines collaborative work, playful competition and professional cooking with some delicious recipes that you will learn to elaborate in a spectacular venue.

Ballooning challenge

In this team building activity participants have to beat a number of tasks before, during and after the balloon flight. An activity mixing leadership, cooperation and effort with the excitement of a balloon ride in the nature.


Beach activities

Our activities will help you to potentiate teamwork, communication and cooperation between employees through different beach activities such as sailing (Catamaran), windsurfing, paddle surf, beach volleyball, watercraft construction and many more!

Supercar driving experience

This is the perfect experience for those who are into the automotive industry or for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush: Driving top of the range cars on open roads in Montjuic and the old F1 circuit.

Each attendant will relish this unique experience by re-enacting the turns and history of the Barcelona’s old F1 circuit in a 20mins supercar driving experience accompanied by a professional instructor who will guide them through the route.

While waiting for their driving turn the participating will enjoy a coffee break at the Miramar Hotel Terraces in a luxury environment and with some of the best views in town. Let them sit back and enjoy this perfect affair!

Flamenco battle

Flamenco Battle

Participants will assist a flamenco performance, but this time they will become stars of the show instead of being just spectators. They will exchange roles with musicians and dancers and get into a real flamenco fight using Flamenco Box drums, castanets or palms…the stage is yours, are you ready for the challenge?

Electric bike tour

The best way to explore Barcelona effortless using a sustainable and funny transportation: Electric bikes. The activity can be performed just as a city visit or become a competitive gymkhana.

Electric bike
Indoor reforestation

CSR event – Indoor reforestation

Get involved and commit to environment creating a plant life using your own hands. The experience is based on an oriental, alternative and natural cultivation technique. This activity can be done in any indoor location.

Hall Game

This is a cooperating game designed to improve communication skills, job rotation and leadership, which makes it a perfect activity for high performance team buildings.

Teams of 4 people will compete against each other playing different games in order to achieve the best score.

The activity combines ingenuity and problem solving with a “retro gaming” style. Let’s go back to the 80’s!

Hall Game