Barcelona Sailing Regatta

Team building has never been so much fun. The Mediterranean Sea allows you to enjoy many activities, but without doubt, one of the highlights is doing a Sailing regatta.

This regatta is suitable for both big and small groups (6 people). It combines amusement, competition and for the sea lovers, the chance to get in touch with the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Do not worry if you don’t have any experience on sailing as you will be leaded by professionals the whole race. In order to achieve a positive team building result, participants shall be encouraged to take part in all activities involved in sailing the boat under the guidance of your qualified instructor.

Before the race stars, the participants will be divided into groups and they will get a briefing of the activity. Once on board the skipper will explain the safety rules, the different tasks and the role of each participant.

Enjoy an unforgettable sea experience and discover Barcelona from another point of view!

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Purpose of an Incentive Travel Program

Incentive travel program is a motivation tool used by large and small organizations to recognize and reward their employees. They employees are motivated by both the incentive travel award they can earn and the recognition afforded to them by the corporate leaders. They are also excited about the opportunity to network with other high performers and share best practices. These management tools are the responsible for the financial success of the company and more and more managers are convinced of the value the Incentive travel program provides.

Motivating employees is always one of management’s biggest concerns. During an economic downturn, such as the one affecting at present, the retention of excellent employees becomes even more important. Organizations that develop cultures based on employee recognition and rewards programs will be better positioned to survive, and even thrive, because their employees remain motivated and engaged.

Incentive Travel Program is a business expense justified by tangible and intangible benefits:

–          Tangible benefits: Increase in financial metrics

–          Intangible benefits: Reinforcement of the organizational culture

Incentive Travel Programs in Spain

Spain is a perfect destination for Incentive Travel Programs. It occupies a privileged position among the top five Business Travel destinations, being Barcelona and Madrid the most outstanding worldwide. In addition to a pleasant climate throughout the year, the country offers other attractions such as its gastronomy, culture, architecture and natural beauty, both in their beaches and in the countryside.

Such conditions enable us to create customized programs that may include team building activities, to strengthen the relationship between employees, cultural tours, gastronomic activities to enjoy local food and original competitions in the historic old towns

T-Made events believes that the real success of an Incentive trip is based on an excellent customer service, meticulous attention to detail and specialized guides. Providing unique experiences that combine team building activities with gastronomic and cultural workshops that enable participants to approach the country’s culture and cuisine.