Sales workshop for your sales team

Transform your team into an unstoppable sales force by adapting to the changing digital world

  • This sales training program is not just a workshop or conference; it’s a total immersion in innovative and personalized techniques.
  • We will help you redesign your sales strategy to be as unique and effective as your team.
  • We’ll explore new prospecting tactics, building authentic relationships with customers, activating mental triggers, and advanced techniques for handling objections and closings.

“This program is designed to empower each team member with the necessary tools to excel in a constantly changing digital market”.

This program is specially designed and thought for advisors and commercial teams looking to not only improve but revolutionize their skills and strategies in the current digital environment.

It’s a program towards sales excellence, where each session is carefully crafted to unleash your team’s maximum potential.

Each session is designed to be a transformative experience combining theory with dynamic practices. We include interactive exercises like role-plays, simulations, and team-building activities.

These exercises are designed to practice sales principles in real situations, fostering meaningful and applicable learning. We focus on creating an environment where each participant can experience, learn and grow, taking their sales skills to a new level.

Expected Results

By the end of our workshop or conference, participants will experience a significant change in their sales skills.

With this program, your sales team will be able to face the challenges of the digital era and multiply their sales as our clients have already done (an average increase of 30%).

The Mentor

Hans Gysel is a sales expert with elite training and experience ranging from startups to multinational corporations. His practical and theoretical approach has revolutionized sales tactics and leadership in over 100 companies, and he has trained over 21,000 professionals globally. Hans not only teaches, but customizes strategies for each client, focusing on overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities for growth.

Chosen by business leaders as a mentor, Hans is recognized for his unique methodology that integrates theory and practice in a transformative approach. His work in Investment Banking and remarkable ability to multiply revenues reflect his deep understanding of the market and selling.

With Hans, companies find more than a speaker; they find a committed sales strategist and partner for success.

This experience will be included in a memorable full incentive trip in Barcelona. Contact us for more info:

2024 America’s cup sailing race goes to: Barcelona!

Barcelona will proudly be hosting the 37th America’s cup sailing race edition in 2024. The Catalan capital has been chosen over other competitors such as a Malaga and Cork.

The New Zealand team captain Grant Dalton, winners of the last race edition, said that “Barcelona will become the world sailing capital”. The “kiwi” team has won the two last sailing races, in 2017 in Bermudas and 2021 in Auckland.

The sailing course will be set in between the W hotel and the Olympic harbour, a total length of 2 miles. The investment for the event would be around 25 million euros coming from different institutions.

Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities in the world and will become the first city to hold the Olympic games (in 1992) and the America’s cup event. The city perfectly fits for this purpose thanks to all the top facilities and technical infrastructure already existing.

Barcelona is also set to host the 2030 Winter Olympics after Spain’s Catalonia and Aragon regions reached an agreement to work together in order to present a joint candidacy.

Ham tasting & Teambuilding activity


Have an amazing ham tasting experience in combination with a teambuilding and try the 10 different types of Iberian and Iberian acorn hams.

The activity will start with a short welcome drink (10 minutes) and the identification of the teams you will be divided in for the teambuilding.

Next there will be a theoretic part, an informative speech will tell you everything you need to know about the Iberian pork, the elaboration of the ham and the differences between their origins (20 minutes).

After the speech it’s finally time to taste some delicious ham. The hams will be tasted in the adequate order, as you will definitely appreciate the different qualities and textures of the hams, and their different flavours, depending on the procedure, breeding and feeding of the pork (25 minutes).

Now it’s time for the teambuilding activity (15 minutes). Details of the activity:

  • Teams of 4 up to a maximum of 6 participants.
  • After the speech and tasting, each team will be delivered the game dossier.
  • The dossier contains a chart with the name, origin and part of each ham and each team has to figure out the 5 hams that are being blind tasted: their origin and whether it comes from the leg or the shoulder blade.
  • Each member of the team will taste one slice of each ham and they will have to discuss with their team the precedence of it.
  • Once the chart is completed, the team will deliver it to the jury.
  • The results will be checked and announced during dinner or lunch time.
  • Each member of the winning team will get a prize of 100 gr of Iberian ham + a certificate as a Master Ham-Taster.

After the teambuilding you will have an appetizing dinner or lunch (1 hour).The menu:

  • Large selection of cheese
  • Selection the acorn fed Iberian tenderloin
  • Acorn fed Iberian “morcon” loin
  • Duck foie-grass
  • Spanish omelet with onion
  • Ciabatta bread with rubbed tomato
  • As well as all this menu, you can eat an unlimited amount of ham slices of your choice among the ones offered in the tasting
  • Deserts and coffees
  • Red wine (Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Penedès or Priorato)
  • Soft drinks and mineral water

Finally the results of the teambuilding activity will be checked and announced during dinner or lunch time. Each member of the winning team will get a prize of 100 gr of Iberian ham + a certificate as a Master Ham-Taster.


Contact us if you have a group interested in this unique activity, or for a full Incentive program.




New cooking workshop space in Barcelona

This is a multifunctional Gastronomic space designed, prepared and adapted for cooking courses and workshops; it is the perfect location for gastronomic team building activity.



The talented chefs will bring out your own inner chef while you enjoy and learn all the necessary techniques in the practical courses. All the ingredients that are used are fresh and high quality products of the Boqueria market.




Take part in one of the many practical courses, for example:

  • Healthcare workshop, with lots of flavors, aromas and spring colors.
  • Vegetarian cuisine fusion workshop, Indian-Thai-Mediterranean.
  • Molecular kitchen workshop

 The place can also be used for having meeting in the morning, since the space also has screen and a projector, followed by a delicious cooking workshop. After the cooking class the group will eat their own culinary creations. (Non-limited wine included in the menus).



This amazing venue is located in the center of Barcelona and features the latest new technologies. The space has a size of 200m2, what makes it absolutely perfect for corporate groups.

The space is very private and sociable and will certainly contribute to making your experience unique.

Please contact us if you have any group interested in a gastronomic team building activity.


Corporate event in paradise

This is a full day meetings and activity event for any company looking to spend a day in nature.

The venue selected offering extraordinary beauty can be found 40 minutes outside of Barcelona and is located in a very quiet and green area. The palace is surrounded by a mix of breath taking gardens and ancient trees from all over the world. Extraordinary corners, ponds, water lilies… you can all find it at this beautiful place. This location is absolutely perfect for a full day meeting program.





In the morning there will be 4 hours of work meetings with a relaxing coffee break after 2 hours. The meeting room includes a projector, tables, chairs and water. You have a choice of various drinks and delicacies during your coffee break: coffee, tea, juice, water, croissant, toast, cereal and fruit.



After the work meeting you will have a delicious gastronomical lunch.  For the first part of the lunch you can choose from these options:

  • Crunchy artichokes with prawns
  • Pea cream with poached egg and shavings of jabugo ham
  • Sardine cake with tomato confit and pesto sauce

For the second part you can choose from these culinary delights:

  • Roast beef
  • Duck magret with mango chutney
  • Hake supreme with grilled au gratin with alioli muslin

To finish the lunch, you can choose one of these delightful desserts:

  •   Creamy white chocolate with pistachios
  • Lemon mousse cake with lemon curd
  • Chocolate fondant cake

Noble1 Captura de pantalla 2018-04-17 a la(s) 11.49.48

To unwind and completely relax after the lunch, you will take part in a yoga class. This activity is perfect to help manage stress, relax, eliminate tensions and in general, obtain well-being and a better quality of working life.

After this mind-expanding yoga class, the day has come to its end.

Winery visit – Awaken your senses

We are all aware that Barcelona is the place to be, the place that all tourists and business groups want to visit and discover. However, Barcelona’s surroundings are as beautiful as Catalonia’s capital and definitely more calm and quiet.

That is the reason why sometimes we like to suggest an alternative to Barcelona when clients ask for a leisure activity for their groups while they attend congresses, conventions or incentive trips in the city.

Let us tell you a bit more about one of those alternatives; we call it “Awaken your senses”.

This is a half-day activity in the Bages region, around one hour driving distance from Barcelona. We will visit a winery that has more than 9 centuries of history and a long tradition in wine growing. Once we arrive to the winery we will start with a nice breakfast buffet that includes coffee/tea, juices, cupcakes, cookies and all sorts of cakes made by a local creative bakery.

Half an hour later, a guide from the winery will take us on a tour to visit the facilities, which includes the old cellar of the house (XII). The old cellar is of the gems of the wine culture and history of this area and it has been preserved in its original state. We will also visit the museum of industry and transport: private collection of the family engaged in transportation vehicles, trucks and antique tools that the family used for winemaking.

The next stop will be the modern cellar and the barrels room. In this last room we will take a break for a relaxing yoga session in a unique and charming place. After stretching our body and connect with ourselves, we will take a walk to the vineyards so we can approach history of viticulture in bages and enjoy the landscape.

At the end of the walk, the visit culminates with a wine and olive oil tasting in a lovely setting surrounded by vineyards. We will taste white and red wines as well as high quality olive oil produced by the same winery.

It is now time to have an appetizer back in the winery followed by a tasty lunch in one the winery’s rooms. We will of course enjoy our meal with the local wines.

A bottle of wine as a gift for all our guests will be the end of this experience before we go back to Barcelona with all our senses completely awaken.

This activity will allow your clients to disconnect from city stress and noise, recharge their batteries and be ready for any new business challenge coming.

Contact us for more information.

Cocktails of the future

If you are looking for a new way to impress the attendees of your event, do not look anymore, you have just found it!

Thanks to the Molecular girl, guests can taste cocktails of the future in an innovative way and through a collective experience. The speherification technique created by molecular gastronomy Chef Ferran Adria is also used in molecular mixology.

These creations are concentrated in spheres that provoke an explosion of flavors, textures and incomparable sensations.

The Molecular girl will definitely guarantee the success of your corporate event or gala dinner, contact us for more information.


Captura de pantalla 2017-03-20 a la(s) 11.48.08

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-20 a la(s) 11.48.12

A secret cocktail club in the city!

Without doubt, it is one of the most secret and intimate spaces in Barcelona; the luxurious hardwood fittings make for welcoming, cozy surroundings. This unique spot offers live music (one of the only lounges in Barcelona to do so) and is adjacent to the hotel’s ‘Smoking Club’ which provides those clients who become members the increasingly rare possibility of smoking in a public venue. The layout is elliptical; a basement location in the hotel lends a clandestine quality, which only heightens the overall experience. The French décor from 19 century gives guests an impression of wealthy but warm place, which is used to welcome some of famous artist, politicians and celebrities.

This amazing spot offers, in addition to signature cocktails prepared with care and detail of Dany Martin, one of the most famous bartenders in town. Dany knows how to listen, understand and interpret the tastes and preferences of those who come here.

For corporate groups, it is possible to organize cocktail workshops. First of all, participants will be watching the bartender who will be glad to explain and show all the secrets of making cocktails, afterwards, for those who want to test their skills, they have the opportunity to go behind a fully equipped bar and get the feeling of this new exciting experience. Together with the bartender, they will create their own cocktail or an exisiting one.  After various techniques, tricks and tastes, we are sure that guest will enjoy this fun and tasty workshop.

You will be surprised of wide menu of more conventional cocktails, gin and tonics, liqueurs and wines and a variety of champagne and beer. Furthermore, you can enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails, and a new menu of tapas gourmet sweets and desserts that will delight everyone.

T-made events & Luxury Trips Spain invite you to come and sip on a cocktail while you enjoy a jazz concert .

Summer Special Incentive Program

Day  1


Delegates will be welcomed in the airport and accompanied to the Nouveau Art Deco hotel  4* which is very central, only 10min walking from Passeig de Gracia.  Short relaxation and breakfast at the hotel. Afternoon spent in Gothic district – walking guided tour of the main historical and cultural points located in Barcelona’s old town such as Boqueria market, Ramblas, Barcelona Cathedral or Born district.

Dinner at clandestine warehouse – a discreet, intimate and pleasant place where every dish is made from the very best products in order to please the customers’ refined taste.

La-Boqueria  barcelona-cathedral-02
las-ramblas 1329313308_extras_portadilla_0

Day 2

Sailing Regatta

Breakfast at the hotel. Going to the port  for a sailing regatta. It combines amusement, competition and for the sea lovers, the chance to get in touch with the beautiful Mediterranean sea. In order to achieve a positive team building result, participants shall be encouraged to take part in all activities involved in sailing the boat under the guidance of qualified instructor.

Dinner at Montjuic mountain restaurant with spectacular view of the whole city of Barcelona.



Day 3

Team building beach activities

These activities take place on the beach (Castelldefells). Participants will be divided into several groups. Each group will do different activities to develop team spirit and improve team work. Activities include beach volleyball, SUP (Paddle Surf) and boat constructions.

Summer Special barbeque and closing party at the beach with music and entertainment.

Construcción de BalsasOxygen Events grupo SUP  Oxygen Events excursión SUP Oxygen Events Beach Sensations   Oxygen Events BBQ Oxygen Events Summer Party

Day 4

Breakfast at the hotel and transport to the airport.


If you want to try out our Summer Special Incentive Programme contact us for any further information.



Convention center in the heart of nature!

monastery hotelLooking for the excellent environment for business, take a look at a modern, elegant hotel in tranquil, picturesque setting, idyllic venue for meetings, conventions and team-building activities.

Monastery hotel is situated in the region of El Bages, near Barcelona, surrounded by magical places, such as the medieval monastery. It is only 45 minutes far from Barcelona, so it’s perfect if you want some time away from the city, or if you want to go and discover Barcelona.

Monastery hotel is an also a place to develop ideas, creativity, reflection and knowledge. To do so, it offers 4000 m² of facilities, specially prepared to hold meetings, conventions and congresses that are located in several buildings: La Fábrica, the Monastery and La Casa del Amo.

This excellent hotel and quiet environment is set separate from the old monastery in a manner that neither clashes with it or obstruct its view. The entire valley bordered by the river Llobregat and views of distant mountains is an idyllic setting suitable for walks or just relaxing strolls.

The hotel rooms are spacious and all with fantastic private terrace overlooking the  gardens, the monastery and the natural park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac. The hotel boast three restaurants, 3 worlds to discover, and one of them with a Michelin star rating. The common areas are very luminous, spacious and well-appointed and of course parking is available and free. There is a pool in the garden with plenty of sunbeds for guest use and there is easy access to walks along the river.

Sant Benet de Bages monastery is the main part of the complex. In this Benedictine monastery founded in the 10th Century you will be able to appreciate how different periods have left their mark: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Modernism. There are two different routes to discover it in an entertaining and surprising way with a multisensory installation. The first route tells the history of this place until 19th Century, going through the church, the crypt, the cloister, the wine cellar, the monk cells and the sunny midday gallery. With the second route you will visit the part of the monastery that a famous modernist painter – Ramon Casas – converted into his summer residence. He rebuilt the monastery in the Modernist style with support from Puig i Cadafalch, a well-known modernist architect with important buildings in Barcelona.

Moreover, you will have the chance to visit Alicia Foundation, an international research center dedicated to technological innovation in cooking and nutrition lead by Chef Ferran Adria, using tradional local produce, as well as encouraging healthy eating for all. It is at once a place where ideas about food and its preparation are generated, a stimulating, sensory experience that combines tradition and innovation, and a project firmly committed to its heritage.

So whether you are looking for a business meetingsspecial event venue or treating your employees with a weekend of enjoying the mix history to a very special food experience and the great outdoors, Monastery hotel is a perfect place to do all this at its fullest potential.  In case of any further information, feel free to contact us and we will gladly provide a break from the everyday rush in this oasis of calm.

The T-Made team