The Effects of Incentives

As an employee, it’s not difficult to understand why incentive travels are so luring. Having planned a concrete getaway for the employees, people can already imagine themselves on a certain place and even look forward to the possibility to earn it. The process of getting away together can create bonds between associates that simply, due to the hectic atmosphere and the amount of business daily maintained, don’t occur any other way; all leading to better business performance in the future. Incentives do what cash never can – give people a lasting effect and induce company loyalty that goes long beyond the incentive period. Travel gets you away and gives you a break from work while simultaneously rewarding you for your efforts. In most cases, an incentive travel program does not only benefit the employees, but it also benefits the entire company.

A recent Incentive Federation study culled a variety of key points relating to the benefits of travel and incentives versus cash. The majority (three thirds) respondents believe that travel awards and merchandise awards are remembered longer than cash awards; that the cash awards are remembered for the shortest time and that they can build a more exciting, memorable program around travel or merchandise than cash.

Another interesting and thorough research was the one conducted by the Incentive Research Foundation in 2012 on 2461 incentive providers, suppliers and buyers. Findings indicate that the trends have stabilized this period compared to the previous four survey periods which indicated a strong positive upward trend for each of the core issues (beginning in July 2009 – October 2010). The positive trend continues with respect to the perceptions of the company’s financial forecast influences.

Respondents in the current survey (September 2012) indicate they are less optimistic and consider the economy as having a less of a positive impact on their ability to plan and implement incentive travel programs when compared with the previous results (in March 2012).

  • Most of the respondents (45%) anticipate no change with respect to the program destinations for Incentive Travel Programs in the coming year.
  • There has been a significant decrease in program destinations from “International to Domestic” since 2010.
  • Forty-eight percent (48%) of the respondents anticipate budgets for Incentive Travel Programs to “Remain Unchanged” this coming year.
  • The majority (73%) of the respondents do not anticipate changing (either temporarily or permanently) from “group trips” to “individual travel packages” in the coming year.
  • 53% of the respondents indicated that North America was their chosen region for Incentive Travel Destination programs.
  • In September 2012, respondents continue to anticipate the impact of the economy to have a “positive” effect on their ability to plan and implement merchandise non-cash incentive programs potentially indicating a positive trend in the coming year.
  • In general, respondents indicated that they anticipate most incentive program elements to remain the same in the coming year.
  • 51% of the respondents anticipate no changes to the budget for Incentive Programs in the coming year as a result of the recent economic conditions.

As we can see, just the fact that such surveys are being done each year, shows the importance of the incentive travel program, and the meaning it has both for the employers and the employees. Still, we expect the awareness of the great motivating effect incentive travel has on employees will stimulate employers to invest even more money and time into their implementation.

The T-Made team

Salón Internacional del Automóvil 2013 – Barcelona, World Motor Capital

salon-automovil 2013

Barcelona will soon turn into a unique shop window of a huge motor offer. Barcelona International Motor Show 2013 (El Salón Internacional del Automóvil Barcelona), 11th to 19th of May, provides a motor experience offering to its visitors the chance to discover local and international news of this industry. It is one of the most relevant automobile shows and the only one in Spain approved by the OICA, The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, not to mention that this event is also supported by the two most important Spanish institutions in automotive industry – ANFAC (Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Automóviles y Camiones) and ANIACAM (Asociación Nacional de Importadores de Automóviles, Camiones, Autobuses y Motocicletas).

The expectations are reaching the number of 1.000.000 of visitors, 150 expositors and 250.000 m2 of exposure surface. Just the fact that this event has been held for the 37th time already shows the importance of it, as well as the interest of both professionals and motor-lovers showing  for it. Since the first time it was held in 1919, many automotive industry enthusiasts are impatiently waiting for this event every year.

“El Salón Internacional del Automóvil Barcelona 2013” matches with the Formula 1 Grand Prix dates, which will be held in the Circuit of Catalunya, making the city of Barcelona one more time, a world motor capital for a week.

For those expositors or visitors attending the show, T-Made events can provide with ground services such as transportation, cultural tours, or gala dinners at special venues. Contact us for further information.

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Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2013


Barcelona recently hosted, for the 11th time already, the Mobile World Congress 2013, this year’s industry-defining event, and the biggest mobile communication congress. More than 72.000 participants from more than 1.300 companies and 200 countries presented their latest products and technologies, the ones that will be defining our technological future. The Mobile World Capital, Barcelona, hosted various professionals, producers and developers form the mobile telecommunication industry and industries similar to that one, such as Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, and Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, which was of great interest of the publicity because of their recently announced partnership. Nokia, which seems to have over slept the Smartphone epoch, is now back in the ring and ready to conquer the market, assured us Elop.

The congress itself had different parts, such as the conference, with inspiring speakers from mobile operators, consumer brands and industries touched by the mobile market; the GSMA seminar program, with an intention to educate the attendees on industry initiatives such as Mobile Spam, Mobile Privacy, Spectrum and Disaster Response; the World’s Largest Mobile Industry Exhibition, where more than 1.700 companies showcased their organizations across eight halls and outdoor places at Fira Gran Via.

One of the most interesting subjects of the congress was LTE – Long Team Evolution, as well as the 4G technology.

Since Barcelona seems to be a very appropriate place for hosting events of this kind, for the next year keep in mind that T-made events can provide you accommodation, transportation for the attendees as well as the cultural activities and restaurant bookings, or any kind of special events that might be of your interest to make your stay in Barcelona more pleasant.

Feel free to contact us we will be pleased to become your official agent for the MWC 2014.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Gastronomic Incentive program in Barcelona

Day 1

  • Delegates arrive at Barcelona airport. Transfer to the hotel – Layetana hotel. Welcome cocktail and program briefing. “One the best European new hip hotels” – The Guardian. The hotel is located in a stylish building from 1926, completely renovated and next to city centre and Barcelona’s Cathedral.

Day 2

  • Breakfast in the hotel. Morning meetings in one of the hotel business room with a coffee-break.
  • Lunch at hotel restaurant.
  • Guided Tour of Antoni Gaudi works – Antoni Gaudí was a visionary architect during Barcelona’s Modernista (Art Nouveau)  period. He graced Barcelona with nearly all his extraordinary and beautiful buildings. The tour offers and outdoor and indoor guided visit to the most representative buildings designed by the genius.

  • Delicious Spanish Ham tasting and dinner – A 10 different ham tasting with which participants will be able to learn and experience the different qualities and textures of the ham and its different flavours according to its origin, upbringing and nourishment of the pork. The explanation includes origin of the Iberian ham, its elaboration and the different trade marks of their origin.

Day 3 

  • Gastronomic Gymkhana – A game designed to challenge participants culinary skills. Gymkhana will take place in Boqueria Market, A Gastronomic kitchen in Ramblas and a special location for wine trivial pursuit. Teams will have to complete some series of tests and questions, workshops and “tapas” competition and blindfolded wine tasting.

  • Dinner at catalan farmhouse restaurant – Last and special group dinner in an old farmhouse transformed into a spectacular restaurant offering Mediterranean-Catalan cuisine in a cosy and rustic atmosphere. A perfect bright end to your Incentive trip to Barcelona.

Day 4

  • Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport.

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Barcelona Gourmet Tour

This is a spicy itinerary to get into the amazing world of Spanish gastronomy, shapes and flavors.

The visit begins at the market of la Boqueria.  The Boqueria Market was considered the best market in the world  at the World Market Conference that took place in Washington DC. Is a perfect  place to enjoy an incredible contrast between colors and activity, ideal to discover why Mediterranean  cuisine is internationally known due to its ingredients.

From the market we will wander around the gothic quarter admiring the most reputable gourmet shops.  A sweet and salty itinerary that ends in the Ribera quarter  next to Santa Maria del Mar Church with a wine tasting session and “pintxos” appetizer.

Contact us for further details.

Purpose of an Incentive Travel Program

Incentive travel program is a motivation tool used by large and small organizations to recognize and reward their employees. They employees are motivated by both the incentive travel award they can earn and the recognition afforded to them by the corporate leaders. They are also excited about the opportunity to network with other high performers and share best practices. These management tools are the responsible for the financial success of the company and more and more managers are convinced of the value the Incentive travel program provides.

Motivating employees is always one of management’s biggest concerns. During an economic downturn, such as the one affecting at present, the retention of excellent employees becomes even more important. Organizations that develop cultures based on employee recognition and rewards programs will be better positioned to survive, and even thrive, because their employees remain motivated and engaged.

Incentive Travel Program is a business expense justified by tangible and intangible benefits:

–          Tangible benefits: Increase in financial metrics

–          Intangible benefits: Reinforcement of the organizational culture

Incentive Travel Programs in Spain

Spain is a perfect destination for Incentive Travel Programs. It occupies a privileged position among the top five Business Travel destinations, being Barcelona and Madrid the most outstanding worldwide. In addition to a pleasant climate throughout the year, the country offers other attractions such as its gastronomy, culture, architecture and natural beauty, both in their beaches and in the countryside.

Such conditions enable us to create customized programs that may include team building activities, to strengthen the relationship between employees, cultural tours, gastronomic activities to enjoy local food and original competitions in the historic old towns

T-Made events believes that the real success of an Incentive trip is based on an excellent customer service, meticulous attention to detail and specialized guides. Providing unique experiences that combine team building activities with gastronomic and cultural workshops that enable participants to approach the country’s culture and cuisine.