Passenger terminal EXPO 2014

Passenger terminal expo

From the 25th till the 27th of March Barcelona will be hosting the world’s biggest airport exhibition and conference:  Passenger Terminal EXPO 2014, which will take place in Fira Barcelona, Plaҫa Espanya 2, with a gorgeous view to famous Magic Fountains.

The conference was founded in 1997. From its beginning till now it has grown into a most regarded airport terminal conference in the world. There will be over 160 international exhibitors, over 1000 conference participants and over 3500 visitors expected.

This exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to see newest and most modern services and technologies that can be provided to the passengers in the future. There will be innovation shown, new design possibilities such as developing airport cities, new safety solutions and much more, all in order to improve passenger experience at airports worldwide.

The registration starts at March 25th at 8 a.m. Don’t miss the most important conference of the airport industry and let Luxury Trips Spain ensures your seat. After the conferences, we can organize private events and gala dinners with your brand new partners, as well as transportation service.

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona, 2014


This year Barcelona was once again the host of the world’s largest conference dedicated to mobile telecommunications and technology from February 23 to 27, The Mobile World Congress. In the four-day conference, more than 85000 attendees from over 200 countries exhibited their products on it, with the new partner events of mPowered Industries and 4 Years from Now for entrepreneurs. Comparing to the last year, the number of attendees was much bigger, so it is a new record for Barcelona and certainly one of the most important industry gatherings of the year.

The Mobile world team had been working hard this year to create a wide range of different programs; an App Planet, Partner Events, Professional Training sessions, Power Hour, The Forum Series, and other seminars which were free and covered many topics and theme.  Many companies presented their plans for the coming period. A lot of attention had been focused on facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who came to deliver a speech at the congress. Facebook’s massive 19-billion dollar acquisition of WhatsApp played a big role in the discussion. He said, it was the most engaging app that Facebook has seen for mobile phones.

The most interesting products on the congress were definitely a new model of Samsung Galaxy S5, Nokia’s first Android handset, flexible and round models of  LG mobile phones, Sony Experia Z2, Z2 tablet, HTC’s phone service that works with Google Now and watch which comes as an equipment.

In accordance with an agreement with the MWC, Barcelona will be hosting the Congress until 2018. Due to the next event that will take place 2-5 March 2015, T-made events & Luxury Trips Spain can provide with several ground services, such as accommodation, transportation, gala dinners, private events, restaurant bookings and any requests that can make your corporate event a big success.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to assist you with any information you might need.

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Mountain resort

Paradise for Meetings & Events

Mountain resort

Only 35 kilometers from Barcelona, on a mild hill, at the feet of the Montserrat Mountain and surrounded by vineyards, there are 247 acres of the Montserrat Wine Resort.

It’s a place that offers a sensation of a peculiar natural environment; “unique place between heaven and earth where pleasure and enological tourism intertwine to provide our senses with unique experiences”. The setting up of the water collection and purification system, together with 24 sun collectors, is a big proof of the attention this company gives to the environment and sustainability and the importance of connecting with the nature in general. What used to be a farmhouse which was converted into a winery, is now a small hotel managed by a family, famous for it’s spectacular spa and a rich gastronomic offer.


Notably, this place is very suitable for corporate meetings and events. The resort has several meeting rooms with natural light that can hold up to 250 people. Needless to say, the logistics, infrastructure, technological conditions and the service are all of premium quality.

The resort is ideal for:

–       Corporate Meetings

–       Product launches

–       Adventure team building activities

–       Gastronomic activities

meeting roommeeting room 2meeting room 3

This  “paradise” offers not only accommodation or meeting rooms, but also a variety of activities to make every stay more complete. The vineyard surroundings may be enjoyed on foot, on a horse, by bicycle or from the air, and there’s always a possibility of wine and ham tasting, collecting and trading grapes during the harvest, gin&tonic or whiskey tasting, visiting other winerias or cavas, museums, markets and main wine routes in Anoia and Alt Penedès, equestrian spectacles, and a must; the Montserrat monastery.

Among the different activities offered there is the gastronomic competition, which test the participants’ gastronomic skills and knowledge.    The group splits up into teams, which then compete to score points in a series of tests, while at the same time developing their senses – smell, taste, intuition – and their teamwork skills. Each team aims to score as many points as possible in the trials.

Some of the activities that can be provided are:

  • Intuition: wines
  • In search of the lost sense: Aromas
  • Taste recognition memory: Cheeses
  • Sense and Sensibility: Chocolates

Each test lasts a set time. The groups are given a training activity in the first session, and use the knowledge they gain to play and compete against their colleagues.  Teams need to coordinate to achieve their targets, optimize their resources and satisfy the final customer and their supervisors.

The entire afternoon is devoted to learning, tasting and taking part in workshops, all designed to break down barriers through learning and enjoyment.

So whether you are looking for a special event venue, business meetings, or treating your employees with a weekend of enjoying the art of living, Montserrat Wine Resort is a perfect place to do all this at its fullest potential. In case of any further information, feel free to contact us and we will gladly provide a break from the everyday rush in this paradise of nature.

The T-Made team


The Effects of Incentives

As an employee, it’s not difficult to understand why incentive travels are so luring. Having planned a concrete getaway for the employees, people can already imagine themselves on a certain place and even look forward to the possibility to earn it. The process of getting away together can create bonds between associates that simply, due to the hectic atmosphere and the amount of business daily maintained, don’t occur any other way; all leading to better business performance in the future. Incentives do what cash never can – give people a lasting effect and induce company loyalty that goes long beyond the incentive period. Travel gets you away and gives you a break from work while simultaneously rewarding you for your efforts. In most cases, an incentive travel program does not only benefit the employees, but it also benefits the entire company.

A recent Incentive Federation study culled a variety of key points relating to the benefits of travel and incentives versus cash. The majority (three thirds) respondents believe that travel awards and merchandise awards are remembered longer than cash awards; that the cash awards are remembered for the shortest time and that they can build a more exciting, memorable program around travel or merchandise than cash.

Another interesting and thorough research was the one conducted by the Incentive Research Foundation in 2012 on 2461 incentive providers, suppliers and buyers. Findings indicate that the trends have stabilized this period compared to the previous four survey periods which indicated a strong positive upward trend for each of the core issues (beginning in July 2009 – October 2010). The positive trend continues with respect to the perceptions of the company’s financial forecast influences.

Respondents in the current survey (September 2012) indicate they are less optimistic and consider the economy as having a less of a positive impact on their ability to plan and implement incentive travel programs when compared with the previous results (in March 2012).

  • Most of the respondents (45%) anticipate no change with respect to the program destinations for Incentive Travel Programs in the coming year.
  • There has been a significant decrease in program destinations from “International to Domestic” since 2010.
  • Forty-eight percent (48%) of the respondents anticipate budgets for Incentive Travel Programs to “Remain Unchanged” this coming year.
  • The majority (73%) of the respondents do not anticipate changing (either temporarily or permanently) from “group trips” to “individual travel packages” in the coming year.
  • 53% of the respondents indicated that North America was their chosen region for Incentive Travel Destination programs.
  • In September 2012, respondents continue to anticipate the impact of the economy to have a “positive” effect on their ability to plan and implement merchandise non-cash incentive programs potentially indicating a positive trend in the coming year.
  • In general, respondents indicated that they anticipate most incentive program elements to remain the same in the coming year.
  • 51% of the respondents anticipate no changes to the budget for Incentive Programs in the coming year as a result of the recent economic conditions.

As we can see, just the fact that such surveys are being done each year, shows the importance of the incentive travel program, and the meaning it has both for the employers and the employees. Still, we expect the awareness of the great motivating effect incentive travel has on employees will stimulate employers to invest even more money and time into their implementation.

The T-Made team

Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2013


Barcelona recently hosted, for the 11th time already, the Mobile World Congress 2013, this year’s industry-defining event, and the biggest mobile communication congress. More than 72.000 participants from more than 1.300 companies and 200 countries presented their latest products and technologies, the ones that will be defining our technological future. The Mobile World Capital, Barcelona, hosted various professionals, producers and developers form the mobile telecommunication industry and industries similar to that one, such as Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, and Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, which was of great interest of the publicity because of their recently announced partnership. Nokia, which seems to have over slept the Smartphone epoch, is now back in the ring and ready to conquer the market, assured us Elop.

The congress itself had different parts, such as the conference, with inspiring speakers from mobile operators, consumer brands and industries touched by the mobile market; the GSMA seminar program, with an intention to educate the attendees on industry initiatives such as Mobile Spam, Mobile Privacy, Spectrum and Disaster Response; the World’s Largest Mobile Industry Exhibition, where more than 1.700 companies showcased their organizations across eight halls and outdoor places at Fira Gran Via.

One of the most interesting subjects of the congress was LTE – Long Team Evolution, as well as the 4G technology.

Since Barcelona seems to be a very appropriate place for hosting events of this kind, for the next year keep in mind that T-made events can provide you accommodation, transportation for the attendees as well as the cultural activities and restaurant bookings, or any kind of special events that might be of your interest to make your stay in Barcelona more pleasant.

Feel free to contact us we will be pleased to become your official agent for the MWC 2014.

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